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    Sneeper Guest

    Default How do I get the jsdk.jar file?

    I'm following the instructions for installation and have managed to get most of the .jar files I need. However the jsdk.jar file is proving to be a challenge. The instructions say;

    Download the specification 2.3 Final Release class files.
    After download rename the zip file to jsdk.jar.

    I can't find any 2.3 Final Release anyplace on the site and all the downloads that refer to Java EE SDK 5 Update 2, either with or without JDK for the Linux are .bin files, not .zip files?

    It looks like they have moved on from 2.3 ... which file should I download to get the required .jar file?

    Thanks in advance ... :O)

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    batnator Guest


    On this site in the section "SPECIFICATIONS" , subsection "2.3 - Final Release", point "Download class files 2.3", and you are happy

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    Sneeper Guest

    Default Found the 2.3 Final Release class files

    Found it !! May Thanks.


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