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    gasper Guest

    Default Open Xchange AE problems

    Well i have i problem... I was install OX AE latest version normaly now... I create a new user (everythink is localy because i just test thinks) in i can login normaly in GUI... i can sending emails betwen users localy...

    But in our company already have a old OX 5 system which is in product now... And now i want to connect to old IMAP and SMTP on other OX5 server with this OX AE, because we want just change version of program because OX5 don't work good in connection with Outlook. Is this possible and if is it, how?

    I was try to change server settings in UDM, i add a IP of our present mail server as IMAP and than i was try to login with some user and give me error something with contex... How i know which context use old OX5 server??

    Please help me...

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    gasper Guest


    And now i have another question about OX AE and old OX 5... Like i said our goal in company is that we change groupware from OX 5 to OX AE and off cource that we can keep our mails. In previouse mail i asked about how to connect from OX AE groupeware to present IMAP and SMTP in our old server where is OX 5 version install.
    The second possibillity is that we migrate mails from old server to this server where now OX AE is installed and we use this IMAP and SMTP which was installed with OX AE.

    Guys what you suggest me? What is the best way for reach our goal?

    tnx again
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