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Thread: Completed Tasks

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    mhofer Guest

    Default Completed Tasks

    Hi There

    It sounds a little bit stupid, but how can I remove completed tasks? If I set the status of a task to "completed" the title gets crossed out but is still visible. Is there a function to remove automatically completed tasks? It's not very comfortable to delete all tasks manually.

    This leads to another question: is it somehow possible to add more columns to the tasks view? I always use the project names as tag and would like to sort the tasks by tag.

    So long

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    Feb 2007


    Hi Mike,

    unfortunately both functions are not yet implemented, but we'll take a look at those features for future releases - but without ETA or commitment. The possibility to customize livegrid headers is on that todo list for a long time now, but it requires deep conceptual changes so it has not been implemented, hopefully it will be

    btw. i think deleting objects that are set to "completed" is far too dangerous, in my opinion they should be moved to another folder or (prefered) can be made invisble by a special button like "[x] Show completed Tasks"

    Thanks for those ideas!

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    mhofer Guest


    your idea sounds good. i agree that it would be too dangerous to delete the tasks - so let them just hide.

    i hope that these functions will be implemented in the near future.


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