I would like oeae and wants to install at least ensure the optimal integration into our Windows domain by defaults network is guaranteed. For this assistance, I am very grateful.

What values during the installation should I register and in the long term with the SBS 2003 domain to be able to work. (I think of LDAP user authentication or network shares on the OEAE be reached, etc.)

Is condition:
- SBS 2003 domain (DNS DHCP)
- Domain Name: example

- E-mail domain: example-cad.com
- Internal HTTP proxy in Transparent Mode
- OEAE is as smart work.

OEAE Install configuration:

- System Name: oeae
- Domain Name: example or example-cad.com <-???
- LDAP base: stems from the domain name
- Windows domain: example <-???

- Gateway: IP router
- Name: IP from SBS2003
- DNS Forwarders: <-???
(Everything sbs 2k3 DNS can not resolve, is automatically forwarded to the gateway)
- HTTP Proxy: <-???
(We use a HTTP proxy in transparent mode)

I hope everything understandable to have, if someone wants to help I am happy to answer further questions.