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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default Wich kind of calendar-type must be selected to synchronize with KOrganizer?

    I want to synchronize my KOrganizer with OXAE.
    Wich kind of calendar-type in KOrganizer must be selected to synchronize with it?

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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default solution found by myself

    There are two ways to get a view on the calendar-items in KOrganizer calendar-module and one of them doesn't work on conventional way.

    1. bind a webdav-resource in the calendar-module
    normally you can add a resource with a click on the +sign and then you can make a choice of resource-type. And I've tried it but the binding of a webdav-resource doesn't work. So I was gone an other way via konqueror. There I call the URL https://servername.domain.tld/servlet/webdav.ical and after login a question was shown, where I can enter the application to open the resource. So I've got a functionally entry in the KOrganizer with right options.

    2. this way is much easier: klick on the +sign to add a new resource.
    Select a "OpenXchange-Server". Enter the right URL, username and password. Then You can select a folder You want to import the calendar-items (privat or other). After confirming all entries in the menu You can see Your calendar in KOrganizer.

    BUT: It's not able to write new or change existing items because the imported folders are writeprotect. In an other forum-posting I've read that this is a feature not a bug. So it's nearly senseless to use a KOrganizer-Import without writeaccess.
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