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    mendosoft Guest

    Default GUI object question - caching

    I'm trying to get my hands around the GUI code and can't understand the role of the ObjectCache object and the StorageCache object. I'll eventually figure this out, but if someone can enlighten us that'd be great.

    Both objects are active (thank you Firebug!), and I'm 99% sure I see the ObjectCache syncing w/the server every 5 minutes as expected, but I see the GUI modules using the StorageCache to get at server data and can't find any links between StorageCache and ObjectCache...



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    That's because there is no link

    StorageCahce is a cache of Storage objects. Each Storage object contains the cached data for one folder. This is used in all the list views. ObjectCache is used by context menus to chache access rights to selected objects. Yes, this is messy and needs refactoring. We'll try to do that soon.


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