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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default Hover-Effects and Clicks on calendar-entries in team-view doen't work


    in team-view (for the current day or for the week) doesn't work the hover-effects and the click on a calendar-entry. So it's not able to see what's goin' up and user can only see that the time is blocked but not why. But it's necessary to work efficiently as a head of a team.
    Also it'd be great if a team-calendar-sheet would be printable in a nice layout.
    A nearly workaround would be great.

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    the team-view is some kind of enhanced Free/Busy view, like Outlook or other PIM clients offer. It is true that hovers are not implemented in this view, but i guess this is a minor issue that can be addressed in later releases. It is critical to understand what is required to effectively "see" other users appointments. In typical free/busy you just see that user x has some kind of appointment that allocates a specific timeframe. You will NOT be able to see any details of this appointment until the user has shared you his calendar, everything else would be a breach of privacy. If user x has shared his calendar to you with at least read permissions, you'll be able to see those appointment titles but not more - i guess you're expecting the full-blown information like in normal calendar views. I also think this would be nice enhancement and will open a feature request for a future release, thanks for the input!


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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default What we need ...

    We create and use additional calendar-folders for each usergroup and every user must make his calendar planning in this folder. Only privat items can be planned in his own privat calender-folder. (This is a better way for 80 users in 6 groups because so exist 6 calendar-folders and not 80 shared privat-calendar folders.)

    So what we need are the following features in calendar-module:
    -> a team-view per day with marked entries as blocked time for private calendar-items and full informations for calendar-items in the team-calendar-folder - this should be a printable view too
    -> a team-view per week with marked entries as blocked time for private AND team-calendar-items and full informations via hover effects for calendar-items in the team-calendar-folder. This view should be printable too - but only as blocked entries for users.


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