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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default Info-Store-Articles are not printable

    In our environment is a Info-Store-record not only a Link to website or to a document. It's very often a knowledgebase-record so that the notice the real information is. But if we want to make a printout of such notice it is not able to do that.
    I've found a little trick: If you see this notice you want to print at the home-view in the Info-Store-rectangle, so you can do a click to activate and only on this way it's able to make a printout.
    BUT we have many Info-Store-folders for many groups and it's unable to see just this notice you want to print. So it must be able to select the folder-entry in the tree on the left site, select the notice and then make a printout. Just this function doesn't work.

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    obviously the issue is that we're always printing the contents of the list view, not of the H-Split view. Gonna open a bug report for this one, thanks for input!

    The bug report is: http://bugs.open-xchange.com/cgi-bin...g.cgi?id=12867

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