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    Bellerophon Guest

    Default http api, question


    i'm currently developing a sync modul for our postgres db at work, and i'm fooling around with the http api and 'folders?action=new' which i couldn't get to work probably, whatever i do i just keep getting this error message:

    FLD-0002 Category=2 Message=User Test (3) has no access to module 'unknown' in context 1 due to user configuration exceptionID=1695021968-1322

    the json string currently looks like this:
    i send it atm,like this:

    curl -b cookies -c cookies -s -L --location-trusted -k -v -X PUT -HContent-type:text/x-json --data "$JSON" "http://$SERVER/ajax/folders?action=new&folder_id=2&session=$SESSION"
    if anybody has a tip for me, i'd be very thankful

    sry for my bad english
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    Bellerophon Guest


    Ok, I just sniffed the json string that the server uses from the webui.

    the above format i used is wrong, it must be formated like this:


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