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    Gespenst Guest

    Default OpenXchange mit Cyrus, Postfix

    leider habe ich jedoch nach langer Suche nichts dazu gefunden, wie man Cyrus u. Postfix mit OpenXchange zusammenarbeiten lässt (gleiche Datenbanken, gleiche User, etc.). Kann mir jemand mehr Informationen hierzu liefern?

    Viele Grüße,

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    hsimon Guest



    I am looking too for a better explanation, how to integrate OX6 from the openSUSE rpm's with postfix and cyrus, ssl and spamassasin, similar to the installation scripts by Martin Braun for the previous community version.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Uranus Guest



    Is there anybody who has found something obout postfix an cyrus? I have found this here. But in step 3.
    #mysql> GRANT SELECT ON oxdatabase_6.postfix_domains TO mailuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'mailuser2007' ;
    is a table oxdatabase_6.postfix_domains on my system only 2 tables
    configdb and oxdatabase_6. What can I do?

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    ramatan Guest


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