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    mike Guest

    Default Share the inbox with another person


    We have a customer who wants to give the right to see his inbox to his secretary. When he click with the right mouse to his inbox he can give her the needed rights in the properties.

    But she don't see his inbox at all. The inbox doesn't show up in her webmail at all. I tested it also with other mailfolders, it's not working at all. Sharing of calendar is working without any problem.

    Does this normally work? How can I fix this?


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    Feb 2007


    Hi Michael,

    could it be that ACL are not working correctly at the IMAP Server? The secretary has to subscribe shared folders after they where shared to her (right click on E-Mail -> Subscribe) if there are no shared folders, ACL might be broken or we have a compatibility issue, what IMAP Server are we talking about?


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    mike Guest


    Hi Martin

    Thanks a lot for your answer. It really looks like it is a problem with the courier imap server which cpanel is using. I will contact cpanel to find out, if there is a way to fix this problem.

    Is there any other cpanel user which have the imap folder sharing working?


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    Tech Tiger1 Guest



    Both users will need permissions on the Vault where the item is stored. Whether they both get permissions to each others vault or you set up a shared vault associated with the shared mailbox is up to you.

    Tech Tiger1


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