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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default How can I get a list of resource-use

    We plan some cars or rooms or some other things like projectors as resources.

    How can I get a list about used resources per day, per week, as a list or so?

    Why I must fill out the email-field of a new resource-entry, if I can't get informations/email about booking the resource as a resource-admin?

    It would be usefull if our "master of cars" (I don't know the right word - I hope You understand me) can order an email-account of all cars, so that he see all reserved cars at this day.

    ...-> some minutes later
    Just I've see that the ressource-email may be an email-address for an user-account, isn't it? Then this make sense! So is sending an email to the named user-email-address if the resource is booked?!

    But a list of use is not able to generate, i.e. a list of all used cars on this day?

    But it would be easy to realize: If it's able to create a team-view of ressources, but only user-accounts are selectable.

    What do You think about this feature?
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    the main cause why resources need to have E-Mail addresses is Microsoft Outlook, which identifies participants via it's E-Mail address. The other possible enhancements to the resource function are not implemented, simply because the part of the software is not that advanced as some want it to be. We already thought about improving the resource functionality in the way you mentioned, and many more ideas. For example:

    0. Current Case
    Resources can be assigned to "real" people that have the role of a "Resource
    Manager" and receive bookings via E-Mail of these resources if the creator
    enables that option. The resource manager only gets this E-Mail, but no usable
    tool to plan resources or to have a quick overview.

    1. Proposal
    This collaborative feature can be enhanced by implementing some kind of
    "resource calendar", which is a slightly modified version of the current
    free/busy or team-view of the user calendar. The resource manager is able to see
    the bookings of his resources in the future. Of course, this is possible via the
    Free/Busy view at the moment, but we can introduce this as a new time-saving
    feature, exclusively for resource managers (like a carport manager or internal
    IT at a company). This feature can be enhanced with a advanced available/not
    available functionality. With OX5, the system administrator was only able to
    set a resource to available/not available. With OX6 this can be extended to a
    real eye catcher and productivity beast. Some examples below:

    1. The Beamer of the office is only available between 08:00 an 18:00, after that
    time it is not possible to book it anymore.

    2. The company car is currently located at the office in Olpe, so nobody from
    Nuremberg is able to book it (role/location/group based)

    3. The high-end laptop is available for the upper management group of users only

    4. The Conference room only fits for 20 People, it cannot be booked for a group
    of 50 people

    5. The company car will be under maintenance on 03.09.2007 from 09:00 to 10:00
    and cannot be booked at this day/time. (Date/Time in the future)

    This are only some examples how to enhance it. In addition, every resource may
    get a description which is dynamic for a configured time / date. Example:

    Tony Tester want to book the car on 02.09.2007 and it is available so he can
    book it. Hans Mueller likes to book that car on 03.09.2007 at 09:30 and gets the
    booking-denial with the description that the car is on maintenance at this time.

    6. The beamer which is booked by several people. After a breakdown of the
    the people who booked the beamer will be notified by the ressource manager that
    the beamer broke down and for the ongoing week no replacement will be available
    and that after that a new beamer will be available.

    6a. And if a temporary replacement is available, the booked resource can be
    "redirected" to another resource. Eg. The Audi A6 is damaged and the resource
    manager changes the bookings for this resource to the BMW 525i for a specified time.

    (2007-06-06 )

    I guess there are may more interesting ideas around
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    shondalg Guest

    Default Freaking sweet.

    Make it available yesterday!!

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    pschulze59 Guest


    Yeah, make it - ASAP! We need it urgently! How I said: A little step could be the opportunity to create a team-view with ressources. I think it's really easy to make it available.

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    Well, imagining cool features sadly does not implement them automatically, as i said, those were ideas they are not planed to be implemented since there are more prioritized things to do.

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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default priority of customer wishes

    How many postings You will need in this forum from paying customers to increase the priority and get the level to do what we need? I would start a campain ;-))

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    the thing is that i don't have any influence to the priority and other tech-guy neither. If you want the priority to be increased please contact the support or sales team and convince them. Paying for a product does not mean having full control to every and any decision or roadmaps, i agree that such features would be nice, but in order to do the right things to the most users our product management sets priorities. Like everybody we make proposals with cool ideas but that does not mean they are going to be implemented asap.


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    pschulze59 Guest


    Thank You for clear answer. I'll make a official wishlist and send it to OpenXchange.


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