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Thread: Some questions

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    cornfelt Guest

    Default Some questions


    we are want to use ox in connection with our applications for proprietary use.
    So my first question: Which ox edition we have to use?

    In our applications we want to use some ox popups e.g. for sending email.
    Is this possible? If yes, are there some tutorials for (and where)?

    thanks for your help.


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    cornfelt Guest


    Is there nobody who wants to give me an answer or some hints/links where I can look for?

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    you could use every edition of ox to integrate to your system, but if you want it supported you should chose the appliance or server edition.

    i think using popups from other applications are not possible because the call to open such popups requires a session and a cookie (that could be solved) but also some folder information which can not be easily obtained. You may check the url and http traffic issued when opening such a popup and try to fake it, but there are no howtos (yet).


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