I installed Funambol 7.0.6 and ox-connector 7.0.5.
Contacts, Calendar and Email service woks well with OXOfficer ad Ds-Server Officer.

The problem is that CTP-Server (the Push server) is no more working because it cannot authenticate the user, in the logs i see

com.funambol.ctp.core.NotAuthenticated@746db33c[COMMAND=NOT_AUTHENTICATED,NONCE=4F495A342B4E4F4674 5C435B4B5C3227,NONCE(B64)=T0laNCtOT0Z0XENbS1wyJw==]
[2009-01-22 12:53:53,257] [funambol.ctp.server.session-manager] [TRACE] [CTPServer-processor-3] [/] [44038a2f-89bf-466c-8531-38489152c58a] [fjm-11efdddb9ccfac31e5c] [gravasio2] Not Authenticated

If i change the DS-Server Officer back to default value, ox-connector stops working but CTP service can authenticate my device.

Any Hints?
I think that the problem could be related to