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    onex Guest

    Question groupware autostart ...

    i am missing an init-script for starting the groupware automatically.
    do i always have to start it manually after a reboot with
    /opt/open-xchange/sbin/open-xchange-groupware &

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    Feb 2007


    Just create a initscript and link it to one of the runlevel directories (on most linux systems /etc/rcX.d/) where X is the runlevel. The information about what runlevel is loaded can be found at /etc/inittab. There are multiple skeleton scripts that can be used as a template.

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    onex Guest


    ok, i just wanted to know if there already exists an init-script which i can use

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    batnator Guest


    the init script for groupware is in the your cvs tree but not copied while install, also the file for /etc/default is there ... I'm currently at home and have no exactly paths and names on hand

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    onex Guest

    Thumbs up SOLVED!

    thank you!

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    Sneeper Guest


    Ok ... how did you solve it ... I'm looking for the same thing ...

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    onex Guest


    just download the groupware from the cvs-tree.
    cd /tmp
    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@www.open-xchange.com:/var/lib/cvs co open-xchange
    now copy the init-script from /tmp/open-xchange/etc/init.d to /etc/init.d.
    (the same with the file in /tmp/open-xchange/etc/default)

    i used rcconf, a console-gui for init-startups (apt-get install rcconf) to automatically start the groupware.


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