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    stewert Guest

    Default How to change the (exrternal) Mail relay for WebMail


    I have following problem: I have my Hoster changed from Strato to GMX. Now I must also change the mail relay. If I try to send a EMail in WebMail I become a error that I haven't a Starto account. I have tried to do the instroduction of the http://www.open-xchange.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2875 thread. But if I try to send a EMail in WebMail I become teh Strato error again. It seems to me that WebMail has his own configuration ... anywhere ... . But I cannot find any configuration file with the strato server ...

    If I search after "strato.de" I have also some hits in binary ldap database files (like in /var/lib/ldap/__db.002"). Could it be, that the SMTP server for WebMail is stored anywhere in ldab? If yes: How can I change it?

    I hope anybody can help me ...

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    this may be caused by the configuration for your groupware user, do you get those errors when clicking "Send" in webmail or is it delivered back as an E-Mail after sending a E-Mail?


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