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    Default Open-Xchange Releases Public PTF 2009-02-06 for Service Pack 5

    Open-Xchange Releases Public PTF 2009-02-06 for Service Pack 5

    This Release fixes a bug of Open-Xchange Server, Service Pack 5 (OX6 SP5). Although the severity is considered low the error becomes visible in nationalized (non-English, non-UTF-8) installations:
    Bug 13145 - Server translations are not completely read in cases where the operating systems locales are non-utf8

    Special characters e.g. German umlauts or French accentuated characters are shown as strange symbols in
    • some standard folder names (e.g. “÷ffentliche Ordner”)
    • in notifications mails, when informing about appointment changes (e.g. “gešndert”)

    Shipped Packages and Version
    Open-Xchange Server Build 6802

    Installation of this PTF
    The fix has been applied to the already available SP5 repository. If you followed the installation instructions as available at
    http://www.open-xchange.com/oxpedia#OXHESECommercial, you just need to follow the instructions below. For OX6 SP5 Installations:

    • Debian: Run the commands apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade
    • SLES10: Run the command zypper up -y -t package
    • RHEL5: Run the command yum update and yum upgrade

    Complete Release Notes
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