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    Derroylo Guest

    Default External POP3 mail

    Hi everyone,
    i am playing a bit around with the Open-Xchange Appliance Edition, to see if it fits my needs. So far it looks pretty awesome but how can i fetch mails from external providers? I have seen that fetchmal needs to be installed(http://sdb.open-xchange.com/node/68) but when i try to use those commands i am getting an Error "Typ Traceback is unknown" when executing "apt-get update; apt-get install univention-fetchmail". Have seen also that some have spoken about that fetchmal will be or is already integrated and if so where can i find it.

    Can anyone give me a hint where to find some tips on how to get E-Mails from external accounts via POP3?

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    Hi Derroylo

    install fetchmail.



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