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    Question Funambol admin tool doesn't see OX module

    Topic says it all - tried installing both 6.5.18/6.0.8 as well as 7.1.1/7.0.6, but in both cases, the FUnambol admin tool doesn't list the OX connector in its modules overview, all I get is email and foundation ...

    The ox listener seems to be working, I can connect to port 3101 .. the other processes of Funambol seem to be there, too ...

    Any idea?

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    i think the Funambol forums can provide better help in this case, they've made the sync server and the ox connector.


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    OK, looks like this was caused by the script failing to create the database to begin with ... the how-to should remark that the servers have to have been started before installing the modules, otherwise the install scripts will not create the DB ...


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