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    mcnesium Guest

    Default filter dont work

    i use ox6 on ubuntu 8.10 with postfix and dovecot. displaying mails works fine, but they dont go into the folders where they are supposed to. i set up some filter rules in the options section and they appear in /home/mcnesium/sieve/Open-Xchange.sieve as follows:

    # Generated by OX Sieve Bundle on Tue Apr 14 10:54:43 CEST 2009
    require "fileinto" ;

    ## Flag: |UniqueId:0|Rulename: BA07MP1
    if anyof ( header :contains [ "X-BeenThere" , "X-Mailinglist" ] "ba07mp1" , header :contains "Subject" "BA07MP1" )
    fileinto "INBOX.BA07MP1" ;

    there are no error messages or anything, the mails just dont end up in the right folder but stay in the normal inbox. so my first question is, whether there are there any logfiles that i can check for sieve errors. further questions will come up eventually

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    mcnesium Guest


    no idea? anyone?

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    Feb 2007


    Well, i guess this a pretty lame answer, but have you double checked the syntax or this script? It seems that those incoming mails just don't match the filter. For questions about the Dovecot SIEVE implementation, the Dovecot mailinglist may help (they are very responsive from my experience so far).


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