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Thread: New to OX

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    luiguiv Guest

    Default New to OX

    Hello everyone,

    I'm very interested in the OX solution, yet a newbie to it. Does it has a free version or just a trial "free" one for a some 30 days or so? I reading about OX this very moment yet some doubts about this. Can I download this free version and not worry about a trial period and have to depend on buying a full version?

    We have a very small company but OX could be a better tool for us, but yeah we can't pay for the full license.

    And, about the lack of a outlook connector (as far as I'm understanding right now) in the hyperion version, does it works with another software that's not the outlook, let's say Evolution or something free?

    Thanks for the help,


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    Hi Luigui,

    Yes, there is free 30-day-trial version of the commercial Open-Xchange Server 5, you'll find it on the official website. There is also the GPL/CC Version available which lacks some administrative tools and is honestly not very easy to setup because it depends on many subsystems like apache/tomcat/postgresql/ajp and so on and has to be compiled by yourself. This is not because we want to lower the use of the opensource OX, but because it is targeted for developers mainly. In case you label yourself as a newbie you may try the 30-Day Trial Version and contact a partner of OX in your region to maintain such a system if the evaluation was for your favor. The current Open-Xchange Server 5 also has full support for the OXtender for Microsoft Outlook which synchronises your Outlook work-data with the OX Server. There is also a mobile solution which lets you access your groupware data on your smartphone/mobile. There are also affordable offerings for very small companies.

    There is no OXtender for Microsoft Outlook available for OX Hyperion at the moment, and this will not be the case for the Community Edition. But we are currently working on a solution that will be definitely interesting for you - i suppose to be patient for a short time from now, thats all i can say for now


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