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    sedeke Guest

    Question How to Sync Contacts with subdirectories using funambol

    Hi all here.
    My OX work fine and also my funambol.

    My situation
    Only thing I have now is, that OX gives me the possibilty to have different Contact subdirectories in the users Account. The automatic generated subdiretory ist the "Collected Adresses".
    When I start the sync, it syncs only the entries in Contact but not the subdiretories there. Do not matter about the client. Its the same with Outlook, Thunderbird my mobile phone etc.

    My Question
    Isn't it possible? Or is it not featured by funambol? Or I am doing something wrong?

    Thank all for helping.

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    Feb 2007



    i think the cause for this is a limitation at the synchronization software since it is possible very easily to get folders and folder content via the OX HTTP API. Probably this is because those sync suites are mostly for mobile devices and those devices cannot handle more than 1 folder. If you see some missing functionality at 3rd Party tools, just compare if this feature is available at the OX GUI, it uses the exact same API like 3rd Party tools. If the functionality is available at the UI, it can be accessed by other tools too.


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    sedeke Guest

    Default Hi Martin

    Well I will test it.
    Also I will ask at the Funambol forum on there webpage.
    Cause Outlook, Thunderbird and some of mobile Devices are able to handle that.

    Something else. How can I configure the OX-Connector/OX-Listener to sync an other Folder? This must be possible. At the moment it sync with "oxcard". Well I believe this is an alias set some where. Or???



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