Hello there,

I have followed the steps provided in the "Lenny" installation and i have the groupware and underlaying mailing system working by using OX database data.

Now, a few days ago i found out the oxldapsync bundle and installed it, i modified the necessary files and got ADS account synchronised with the OX database.

My predicament is that any user synchronised via oxldapsync script also gets their UID mapped to some existing system UID, for instance user "shelly" in OX database has UID 10 which happens to be the system UID for uucp and this is a problem because the user when receiving mail from another user does not have the the proper rights on the system to read the email message.

Example (newly delivered mail is located in $HOME/Maildir/new)
# ls -l $HOME/Maildir/new
-rw------- 1 shelly nogroup 1336 May 21 10:29 1242894589.17021_0.ox

This presents the following error message in the groupware UI and does not present the e-mail message to the user:
05-21-2009 10:42 AM-->Error: Messaging error: Missing INTERNALDATE item in FETCH response. (MSG-1023, 392808556-851)
Once i change the permissions on the file to have group rw access, the message dissapears and the user can access the received mail without any problem.

Where am i going wrong with this ? Is it possible to tell the script to map all the synchronized users to some virtual UID like nobody (65534) ?