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Thread: Syncml

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    Aleksander Kikkas Guest

    Default Syncml


    I was told that there will be an Syncml extension for the OXAE, even there was some feature in the univention admin user interface to enable/disable Syncml- however it didnt do nothing, but now there isnt and the mobility extension that became available is actually something else - just web gui for a mobile.
    Is it possible to buy or implement syncml or funambol extension in OXAE like it was in the OXEE in the past or not ?

    Kind Regrds

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    Hi Aleksander,

    the Open-Xchange component on a OXAE ist just like any other in terms of external interfaces. So you can use any 3rd party solution with OXAE like you did with OXEE, given that they're maintained for the current release. Mobility solutions like Funambol, O3SIS or ActiveSync (available later this year) won't be integrated to the Univention administration backend as well like the OX components are, just because they're external services. There actually was a SyncML switch in OXAE but it did only enabled a user account to issue a set of compatibility commands for SyncML via the HTTP API.



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