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    hubsif Guest

    Default Disable warning for IE6

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to disable the warning when using IE6?
    (And: According to our customer the warning also appears, when using Firefox 3.0.6. Although I could not verify that by testing with Firefox 3.0.6 portable).

    Thank you!

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    Feb 2007



    you could access the ox web interface with https://www.yourserver.com/ox.html or add it as a bookmark to access it more quickly.
    With the upcoming release we'll provide a IE6 compatibility solution and will also make the warning be configurable to the user.

    Is this what you want? About the Firefox thing, well i use Firefox 3.x all day long at work and at home so do many other OX users and i did not mention such a warning yet. Could it be that the user agent identification of that specific Firefox installation has been changed or that the customer is using a proxy that overwrites the UA string?

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    hubsif Guest


    Thank you for your answer.

    For now we disabled the warning by changing line 89 in js/check.js:
    if (version <= 6) {
    if (version <= 5) {

    Looking forward to the IE6 compatibility solution.



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