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    Default Open-Xchange Releases Data-Transfer-Tool Open-Xchange Express Edition to Open-Xchange

    Open-Xchange Releases Data-Transfer-Tool Open-Xchange Express Edition to Open-Xchange Appliance Edition

    The Open-Xchange Express Edition (OXEE) was launched in 2007, in the meantime we have seen a lot of changes and development resulting in the release of the new Open-Xchange 6 server generation. Since about six month a successor product was released, the Open-Xchange Appliance Edition. The Open-Xchange Appliance Editions features a number of very exciting new updates and enhancements compared to the Open-Xchange Express Edition.

    To ensure a seamless upgrade process to the new Open-Xchange Appliance Edition we are offering a free “Data-Migration-Tool”. This tool is available to all clients and partners at no cost.

    The Data-Migration-Tool will perform a two-step process: data export, data import which will transfer the following data to the new Open-Xchange Appliance Edition: users, groups, resources, PIM folders (calendar, contacts, tasks), public and private shares (calendar, contacts, tasks), e-mails and e-mail attachments, e-mail folders, permissions and custom system settings.

    How to order the free Data-Migration-Tool?

    Please fill out the request form under: http://www.open-xchange.com/en/migration-oxee-oxae-en

    For more detailed information about the data migration process please click on the link to access our documentation:
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