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    philippe_veys Guest

    Default Difference between default spamhandler and spamassasin spamhandler


    Since I didn't find anything in the official documentation, neither in the wiki or in the forum, I am asking my question here :

    What is the main difference between the default spamhandler and spamassassin spamhandler. For this one, how does it interact with spamassassin.



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    Quote Originally Posted by philippe_veys View Post
    What is the main difference between the default spamhandler and spamassassin spamhandler.
    The default spamhandler does nothing else than copying the mails in the spam folder to the confirmed ham folder and possibly moving the mail to the inbox (depending on your configuration). So it has no relation to any spamassassin related stuff.
    The spamassassin spamhandler on the other side, does spamhandler specific stuff, so in the default configuration

    the spamhandler only removes the spamassassin wrapping around a mail if you select a message in the spam folder as ham. So it will not iteract with spamassassin itself.

    For this one, how does it interact with spamassassin.
    If you set

    then the bundle will also connect to a running spamd on the hostname and port given in the config file to learn and unlearn spam messages. So if you e.g. click on a mail in the inbox and mark it as spam the mail will be moved to the spam folder and send to spamd for learning as spam. Same applies for ham messages in the spam folder, if you click on them they will be copied to confirmedham and send to spamd for learning as ham.



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    philippe_veys Guest


    Thank you very much for this clarification.

    Don't know if it is somewhere in the official doc or the wiki, but it should be

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    philippe_veys Guest


    Sorry for being silly, but which files needs to be modified ?

    The only reference to spam on my system is :

    imap.properties:com.openexchange.imap.spamHandler= SpamAssassin in the file imap.properties.

    Thank you.

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    Oh was my fault. I talked about our latest development version which will be available soon. The current stable version of the spamassassin bundle doesn't implement the spamd functionality. So it's like the new version being set to false all the time.

    If you want the new feature you have to wait either for the new version, or a backport must be made.

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    philippe_veys Guest



    With OX 6.10, is spamhandler.spamassassin available ?

    If yes, where can I find the documentation for this bundle ?

    Update :

    Sorry didn't saw the file spamassassin.properties in the groupware config directory
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