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    ostaquet Guest

    Default Date and time format


    I've successfully installed Open Xchange on Ubuntu 7.04. I work on a possibly migration of our mail system.

    I've a little question about the date and time format. In Hyperion, the date format is mm-dd-yyyy and the time format is hh:mm AM/PM.

    But, these formats are difficult to use for a belgian company...

    How can I use our "normal" format (dd/mm/yyyy and HH:mm - 24 hour) ?


    Olivier STAQUET

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    Andreas Mayer Guest


    The date format depends on the used language. The Format mm-dd-yyyy is defined for en_US only. So use another language or add new translation as described here:

    Last edited by Andreas Mayer; 06-22-2007 at 03:18 PM.


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