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    Post How to manage user preferences in my custom OX plugin?

    Hi all,
    I'm developing a plugin for OX SP5U1 following the Plugin API guide:

    I've successfully created a small OSGI plugin that binds itself to /ajax/myplugin url which manages my server-side business logic.

    The problem is that I need to store some user specific GUI preferences for my plugin and, if possible, I would like to make use of OX API to manage those preferences.

    I think that the /ajax/config HTTP API could fit my needs:
    but I don't know if I can extend it to manage my own user preferences (and store them, for example, in the "user_setting" table).
    For example, looking at source code I see that the ConfigMenu, PreferencesItemService and RdbSettingStorage classes handle plugin preferences but it is not clear to me if I can use them to handle my own settings...

    Should I "manually" read/write user preferences in a custom table or can I employ some OX configuration mechanism for 3rd party plugins?
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