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    Edge Guest

    Default Problems with E-Mail Filter

    Hello out there,
    i have a Problem with an User-based E-Mail Filter i build. It will not work, but i don't know why. Could someone help me plz?

    Problem is the following:
    I have an E-Mail Account where E-Mails should arrive in the Inbox and which gives out an autoreply. It doesn't matter from where the E-Mail comes.
    So i chose 2 different options.
    - When "From" contains a "@" reject E-Mail with Message "Foobar"
    - When "To" is "mailaccount" reject E-Mail with Message "Foobar"

    None of them works. The Script File is written to the Mailserver (localhost) and looks like this:

    require "fileinto";
    require "reject";
    require "regex";
    require "vacation";
    require "vacation-period";

    if anyof (
    header :contains ["From"] [ "@"]
    reject "Here is my Reply Message";



    So now i don't know what i can do to claim my goal with this Autoreply Message.
    The Server is an 5643 (hymalia) .
    Thx in Advance

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    Edge Guest


    no one can help me?


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