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    freanki Guest

    Default Login stops at "Static resizing... Please wait..."


    after upgrading to 6.12.0 Rev3 (2009-09-11 10:06:25) on debian lenny server from http://software.open-xchange.com/OX6...e/DebianLenny/ I can't login anymore.
    After the login process, it stops at 40% "Static resizing... Please wait...".

    Short before that error I couldn't even get that far since he said the database upgrade failed and after that he couldn't get a connection to my database. After a reboot I'm back again at the static resizing thing.

    Any conclusions?


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    Feb 2007


    Hi Frank,

    have you cleared the browsers cache?


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    freanki Guest


    To be sure I did it again but it didn't change anything. Even in "Private Browsing" it doesn't work with firefox.

    To my surprise I can login with konqueror but it doesn't show any of my appointements. I guess konqueror is not so good supported by the webfront end. Kontact still shows all my appointements after the upgrade so I hope they are not gone

    I changed the adress of the server (local) and now it works... It has to has something to do with the cache but since I cleared it, I don't know why it didn't work...

    Thx anyway
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