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    Default ldap authentication with multiple baseDN


    I'm using LDAP for OX user authentication. Our LDAP is structured in a way that the baseDN differs for users in Europe and for people in the US.

    So currently I have a baseDN set to:


    and people listed in


    cannot log on Open-Xchange.

    Is there a way to get Open-Xchange to check against both baseDNs or is the only option a structural change in our LDAP?

    Thanks in advance,


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    which kind of LDAP server do you have? If you are using an ADS, then there exists a special kind of authentication type which can be used to circumvent exactly this problem. I've made a special patch for this which should be available in one of our next versions.

    If any other LDAP is used the normal way is to allow anonymous binding and searching the user to authenticate with before binding with it. Or to create a special user which is able to do this search. This is a little bit more complicated than the ADS special solution, but currently also discussed internally. Maybe this will be available in a future version.

    The version of OX you are using could also be interesting.



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    Thank you for your answer. I indeed failed to mention the OX server version: 6.12.0 Rev3.

    I know that we are not using an ADS but I must say that I don't know the exact software that we are using. Unless I am missing something, I believe that the easiest path for now will be to change our LDAP structure so that all user nodes are located in the same branch in our LDAP. That way, the standard approach can be used out of the box.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    Kind regards,



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