I had some serious trouble on a fresh installation of ox on debian. The server is a virtual server from hosteurope, running debian.

I've started installing it two days ago as part of a standard exim / cyrus / saslauthd / ssl / ox-setup. And by the end of yesterday I almost was done and everything seemed to come together.

All of a sudden I received the horrible "503 service temporary unavailable" message yesterday. After trying to find out what's going on I realized that the ajp was not listening on port 8009. But there were no helpful messages in the logfiles.

Searched almost all night, no success. Searched the whole day until now, no success. Then took my chances and disabled the firewall on the server via the web frontend. And everything started to work again.

After analyzing the used ports via "lsof -i | grep java" I generated the following rules:

Incoming chain, destination ports:
udp 6780-6800
tcp 9999
udp 9999
tcp 8009
udp 9982

Outgoing chain, source ports:
udp 9982

For finding out who needs these ports do a "grep <port> -R /opt/open-xchange/etc"

Now the stuff is working again.