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    kuijs Guest

    Default Vcard Error: Could not import into the folder null.

    Hi all,

    I am currently searching for an easy way to migrate contacts from OpenWebmail 2.52 to OX ServerEdition 6.10.0
    At the moment I am playing around with VCard-Import after exporting the VCard-File with Apple Adressbook.

    As a result nothing is imported and OX gives me the following Error-Message:
    Error: Could not import into the folder null. (I_E-0500, 1702146807-233481)

    -> Do you have any suggestions what I am doing wrong here or what is wrong with our installation of OX?

    If I try to import the same contacts via CSV, only half of the contacts will appear in OX. This is the error message:
    Error: The following field(s) are too long to be imported: Display name (I_E-1600, 1702146807-234143)

    Any help is appreciated!


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    this might be related to different vcard/csv standards. Importing via CSV requires an exact mapping of the field names so typically vcards is a much better option.
    Could you please open a bug report at https://bugs.open-xchange.com/ and attach a sample vcards which causes the error to happen?



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