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    Default Oxtender for Business Mobility and group-calendar ...

    Hi !

    We're using, instead of the private calendars, some team calendars in the public folders. Every team/group member sees with a single look the appointments of all other member, without are have to be associated with the appointment.
    Maybe a kind of schizophrenic use of the calendar and group - functions but more flexible (at our pov ).

    Is there a chance to to synchronize our team calenders (with the Oxtender for Business Mobility) ?

    Best regards, Stefan.
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    Hi Stefan,

    the OXtender for Business Mobility is capable to synchronize all your personal folders. Shared or Public folders are not synchronized. The Global Address book is an exception because this is a separate implementation on most devices. This is because of a couple of reasons. Most devices can only display one calendar. Those which can display more than one, are not able to manage permissions on those kinds of folders. The mobile calendaring/groupware applications are not yet sophisticated enough to mimic all functionality of Open-Xchange Server.



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