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    kukerdan Guest

    Exclamation have OX server retrieve mail from pop3 box


    I use an Apache JAMES server to download my email for my domain, it accepts this on port 2525. Saves the email to the corresponding POP mailbox. I want my OXserver on the same internal network, to download email for the same users from the james server, how might I configure OX to pop from the other mail server?

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    kukerdan Guest

    Default Fetchmail

    Ok, i installed fetchmail, and I do have the tab under the user in the web admin interface. I configured it with the username and server, and It does pull the email from my pop3 server. I can see in the logs of the pop 3 server the OX server connecting and downloading the users mail,

    The mail never ends up anywhere, I cannot find it, it does not end up in the users imap, I checked from the webmail and thunderbird imap.



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