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    BastianPoe Guest

    Default Mac OXtender - ???

    Hey guys,

    I just installed the OXtender for Mac on Snow Leopard and I am a bit shocked - to say the least.

    I wanted to sync my calendars and the OXTender created a new "Open Xchange" calendar which is fine. Unfortunately, it seem to sync all my iCal calendars to the OX server which is definitely neither very helpful nor clever. One behavior that comes out of this is the following:

    I have subscribed to my OX calendar using the ICS read only interface. The OXtender for Mac does not seem to recognize this and chose to sync all the ICS appointments to the OX server. This essentially means creating duplicates on every sync run.

    My suggestion would be:
    The OXtender should create one iCal calendar for each Calendar-Folder on the Server. All appointments could be synced between the iCal and the appropriate Server-Folder. Other iCal calendars should remain untouched.

    Another possibility would be to implement a CalDAV Server. That would be the most native integration with OS X and would also enable free/busy access in iCal.

    By the way: the same suggestion applies to the Addressbook. The OXtender chose to sync all my server-side contact folders with my local addressbook. Why not create a different group for each server-side folder?

    Best regards,


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    FStoffel Guest


    Same here.

    In addition, it would be fine to have the ability to sync public content too. For now, Mac users are stuck in their private area when they are not using the web interface - or am I missing something?

    Regards, FStoffel

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    BastianPoe Guest


    Hey FStoffel,

    as far as I know you can use the read-only ICS interface to get read-only access to the public calendars. As far as my experience goes, this will however cause all these appointments being synced into your personal OX calendar - without updates in the future.




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