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    BastianPoe Guest

    Default Free Busy - Outlook vs. WebIF

    Hey guys,

    I have problems with an inconsistency between the web-interface and the Outlook 2007 OXtender. When using the WebIF, everything regarding free/busy seems to work fine.

    If I have an appointment and still mark myself as "free" during that time, the WebIF recognises that and displays my status accordingly (see attachment).

    However, outlook displays the status as "busy" at these times. Somehow, outlook does not seem to understand the difference between "appointment, status free" and "appointment, status busy".

    Is there a solution for that?


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    BastianPoe Guest


    *bump* *bump*

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    please provide the webdav.freebusy file published by the server. You can find the URL at Outlook calendar settings. You can download that file, remove confidential information and post it. Or just contact the support

    Outlook renders the ical information supplied through the freebusy interface, either the interface gets it wrong or Outlook does not render it correctly. Can this be reproduced with all kinds of appointments? Would be nice to have more information about the appointments we see at the screenshots.

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