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    BastianPoe Guest

    Default OXtender Error 401 - changing IPs?

    Hey guys,

    I am using the Outlook 2007 OXtender and from time to time the tray icon raises (quite literally) "SCODE=401" errors. Obviously this has something to do with my authentication.

    The problem is, that these errors occur quite randomly. A wireshark trace shows that my client sends the correct credentials but still is denied. Since the auth backend is imap and works fine, this problem has to be related to OX.

    My suspicion is that my OXtender creates an OX session. Then, due to various reasons, my IP changes. Whenver the OXtender now tries to use the same session again, OX does not recognise the session and sends the return code 401.

    What can I do about this? My IP changes quite frequently due to different WLANs, undocking, etc. - Can I tell OX not to store my IP in the session?

    Best regards,


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    Feb 2007


    Hi Bastian,

    this could be caused by the client-ip check of the server. We do not only check the cookie and the session provided by the client but also the client IP to provide additional protection against cookie/session stealing. This check is hard-wired up to version 6.10. With 6.12 or later you can disable it:

    Setting this one to "false" shall disable the IP check. Please read the comments on this setting carefully.


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    BastianPoe Guest


    Great, Thank you very much.

    Unfortunately I was unable to find related questions in the forum since I could not search for IP... the forum thinks, that this term is too short.




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