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    Default HOW TO: OpenXcahnge+OpenSuse+postfix+openldap+cyrus


    I try install a complete OpenXhange suite integrating postfix+cyrus+openldap .. + openxchange in a single OpenSuse (like a Zimbra or Kolab suites), but I like use too a IMAP/IMAPS client directly with OutlookExpress or Thuntherbird.

    I find this guide http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind...gration-SLES11 and I install and configure a opensuse with openldap+postfix+cyrus, but I can't use directly the imap/imaps, and the oxldapsync not runs.

    Possibily the problem are in a openldap... in a encription method ...?

    Somebody has installed a system like this?


    Joan Masoliver

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    Default The correct link...

    The correct link: Integrate Open-Xchange Server 6 with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11



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