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    ljaszcza Guest

    Default path problem in email

    All the email to the server is bouncing. The error produced is:

    <leszek.jaszczak@fairlightmedcenter.com>: can't create user output file.
    Command output: procmail: Program failure (75) of "/usr/sbin/cyrdeliver"

    This is a new install. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this.?

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    need more input.

    Standarduser? Standard-eMail-Adress? Or aliases, shared folder, mailinglists?
    New Installation? Updates? exact Version of AE? (look at login-screen)
    Maybe detailed error-messages from /var/log/univention or /var/log/*

    Regards, PM

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    ljaszcza Guest


    Standard user/email, not aliases, shared, list.
    New install, all available updates installed
    After clean install I ran data import from my prior OX appliance edition. The problem happens with newly created or old users though. I will get more detailed error messages.


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