I am running Postfix and Dovecot with LDAPwith the Configurationpannel iRedAdmin. OS is Scientificlinux 5.4. The Mailsystem runs. Now i wanna integrate OpenXchange. I am new with LDAP and my experiances with LDAP are currently a litte bit low. The main reason for LDAP was, OpenXchange creates for every Context/Domain a new Mysqldatabase. I like OX, but i realy hate this abnormal behavor. Another reason was the LDAP addressbook and i need it for vstfp later.

So i describe my LDAP Tree now

The Domains are stored under: o=domains,dc=localmailer for example

domain 1 = domainName=foo.com,o=domains,dc=localmailer
domain 2 = domainName=bar.com,o=domains,dc=localmailer

On each domain are stored the Users for example:

Domain 1 mail=john@foo.com,ou=Users,domainName=foo.com,o=domains,dc=localmailer

Domain 2 mail=mike@bar.com,ou=Users,domainName=bar.com,o=domains,dc=localmailer

So i have got multible basedn's

The configfile for OpenXchange is nice and short. Can i define a basedn for each domain? Or another Hack to solve them? And how i have to write a Password for login?

kind regards Darko