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    maccy Guest

    Default Error when running oxldapsync for first time

    We are in the process of installing OX6 and having a little trouble with the 'Install and configure OX LDAP Sync' section of the Open-Xchange-Integration-SLES11 document.

    When running oxldapsync for the first time, we get:

    /root/Downloads# /opt/oxldapsync/sbin/oxldapsync.pl -c 1 -f /opt/oxldapsync/etc/ldapsync.conf -A oxadmin -P admin_password
    Error on bind: : No password, did you mean noauth or anonymous ? at /opt/oxldapsync/sbin/../lib/OX/LDAPConnector/ldap.pm line 29, <DATA> line 465.

    Do you know what could be wrong?

    I am following these guides to the letter, including the standard passwords, with the intention of changing them later:


    Everything else in the above guides has gone smoothly.

    As far as I am aware I am using all the very latest available packages (inc. open-xchange-

    I did have open-xchange-authentication-database installed, but I removed that and installed open-xchange-authentication-ldap but still the same result.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    I install this configuration with this documents:
    -one back-end server with openldap+postfix+cryus imap
    -one OX server with oxldapsync

    It works, but not completely fine (I have a small problem with new ldap users related in a thread, but I can work properly).

    I do something diferent that this documents because in first time it doesn't works:

    1) I install the open-xchange-authentication-ldap package (the open-xchange-authentication-imap package related in the original document is uninstalled automatically).

    2) I edit the ldapauth.properties and I put my ldap information: server, DN, ..., else it can't syncronize

    3) restart the services (if you can, reboot....)

    and then it works fine.

    Then, be carefully of the sasl_mech_auth of your cyrus server, it must forced to PLAIN LOGIN, else the sieve filter of the OX don't works

    I think that it is all!, now I not stay in my office and I not have my red-book, if you need, tomorow I can post the complete files...



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    maccy Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by joan-open View Post
    I think that it is all!, now I not stay in my office and I not have my red-book, if you need, tomorow I can post the complete files...
    That would be useful, thanks.

    I have two servers to hand, but we really want to implement high-availability clustering with OX6.


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