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    mendosoft Guest

    Default Advanced OX object searches

    I can see in the ajax.request.* classes that the Search action looks for parameters named "allfolders" and "subfoldersearch" and pass these down to the SQL layer via the SearchObject but the SQL layer doesn't seem to inspect these attributes to alter the search logic.

    Are there plans to use these parameters when the search is executed? Are there any plans to provide an 'extended search' popup on the GUI that would allow a user to refine the search themselves by selecting GUI checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. such that these settings are passed to the server and trigger the enhanced search functionality?

    Sorry, kind of long winded there...any feedback is much appreciated.

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    mendosoft Guest

    Default Slight correction...

    It looks like the Contact module is processing the 'allfolders' parameter. The code for 'subfolders' is tagged as a TODO.

    Other objects don't seem to implement this logic, though it looks like it'd be an easy extension based on the implementation in the Contact module.



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    Feb 2007
    Olpe, Germany


    Yes, we are planing enhanced search module(s). But I can't give a time line right now, sorry.


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