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    fr3nd Guest

    Default View calendar for a resource


    My company is using resources to manage meeting rooms availability: when somebody needs to book a meeting room just creates a new appointment and adds the resource of the needed meeting room so nobody else can book it at the same time.

    The problem is when we need to view the total availability of a specific meeting room. It would be great if every created resource could share their calendar as any other "regular" user. Is that possible in Open-Xchange?

    I know I could fetch this information using the API, but I would like to have it integrated in Open-Xchange.


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    Aug 2007


    Our company is also VERY intereseted in this feature.

    It was planned for release 6.16, but in latest roadmap it has moved to 6.18. :-(

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    Mar 2011


    Is this feature now implemented and if yes, how to find a resource calendar?


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