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    wjlabs Guest

    Default Importing ICS file into Calendar


    I'm trying to import a calendar (about 5K events) into OX. I have the file in ics format as exported from Outlook. This cal was originally a shared calendar on an Exchange 2003 server.
    When I try to import it through the Import tool on OX's web interface, I get the error: "Fatal error (MONTHLY) Missing or wrong value DayInMonth : 0 (APP-0042, XXXXXXX)"

    (Where the X stand for codes that vary).

    I have split the file, reimported into outlook and exported it again, etc all to no avail.
    The pdf below has a reference to this error, but I'm not finding more information about how to troubleshoot it.


    Has anybody else ran into a similar issue?

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    this indicates an incompatible appointment/task within the ical file. To find out more detailed information, please use the exception-id (the variable xxxxx number) and search for it at the servers log file. It should point to a stacktrace which might be very helpful for us. You can post it here or directly at bugzilla.



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