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    Blacky_IS Guest

    Default Public calendar duplicates to private calendar

    We created a public calender, in which all absent collegues will be mentioned, so that everyone in our business knows of the absence.

    Now, the one inserting a "date" into the public calendar automatically is getting a copy of this date in his private calendar.

    By unticking "show all my date from other calendars" they will not be shown, but when transferring the calender (e.g. OXTender) to some other device, they will show up, which is not the intention of such public calendar.

    What can we do to "only" set date in this public calendar without copy to the private one of the person who issues the date?

    Thanks for any idea.

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    Feb 2007



    this can be achieved by uninviting the person from this appointment.


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    Blacky_IS Guest



    First of all a happy New Year to everyone.

    Well, the statement you made cannot be confirmed from my side. When I put a date into the public calendar and before sending it, the box "inform all participants by e-mail" will be un-ticked and then the participant (e.g.: myself) will be removed, the copy of the public date will also show up in my personal calendar (see screen-shots).

    What can be done to avoid this?

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