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    phaolo Guest

    Default Integrate Kaspersky Antivirus on Open-Xchange !!!

    Dear Everyone !!!

    I want to integrate Kaspersky Antivirus on Open-Xchange. Is It simple as : I install Kaspersky Antivirus Software ???

    Thanks and best regards !!!

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    Mar 2009


    no, it is not as simple.

    please refer to the kaspersky install manual. If you have the version in mind, that inegrates in postfix, it is not very hard to implement.

    I am using myself another Antivirus Product, that you can integrate into the Postfix process. Therefore you have to modify your main.cf and maybe also your master.cf file.

    Details to do so should be in the documentation of your product,



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    phaolo Guest


    Dear Lukasz

    Thank you very much !

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    corrine7 Guest

    Default hi

    well you can also try to visit kaspersky help forums or as lukas said you can review the install manual... you should find usefull information over there. Otherwise i wish you the best of luck with this!
    have a nice day


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