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    KaiAltenfelder Guest

    Default "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" after fresh install


    I just made an fresh install of OX6 on a XEN-virtualized openSUSE 11.1, following the instructions on


    Everything seems to run but when I attempt to log in I receive a 503 error.
    What could be the reason, which logfile to look into?


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    KaiAltenfelder Guest

    Default Solution found


    I found the solution on my own after doing some research work (yes, I know, should have done that before posting... ;-).

    The AJP service wasn't running, but not for the reason some other threads suggested (wrong ownership of directories and files due to executing the wrong start script). It was a mere java problem. The heap size was too small, the virtual guest has been assigned too little memory. After increasing the memory size and restarting the virtual guest the error message went away.

    Now I am able to log into the ox groupware. :-)



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