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    tbu Guest

    Red face imap, smtp, sieve vs ox authentification

    Hi !

    We use an seperate cyrus/postfix server where wie have the following way to authenticate on it

    email address: example.user@domain.net

    login name vor imap,pop,sieve,smtp: example.user.domain.net
    pw: examplepassword

    now i have installed the ox6 (before 2days on debian lenny from actual repository)

    i created a user with the following command:
    createuser -c 1 -A oxadmin -P xxxxx -u example.user -d "Test Nutzer" -g Test -s User -p examplepassword -e example.user@domain.net --imaplogin example.user.domain.net --imapserver --smtpserver
    so i was now able to see in ox the mails of the user (this is ok)
    but if i go to filter i see an auth error on sieve service. The Problem of putting the login name from ox in the sieve login. sieve wants the login from the imap server.

    this i solved by the following change in file
    where i changed this line to the following
    after trying arround and sending a mail, i see that i have the same problem on smtp auth. But now i cant find the place where i can fix it analog to the sieve problem.

    I hope anybody can help me.

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    tbu Guest

    Default workaround

    For now, i configured ox to not authenticate on the smtp server. Postfix is configured to allow connections from without authentification.


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